The primary  mission of the Kadena Gift Corner is to raise funds and help support The Kadena Officer’s Spouses Club (KOSC) Charitable Fund and the American Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA).

Each month the Gift Corner’s profits go to these organizations  and are distributed  to different American, Military, Okinawan , and Japanese welfare agencies, charities and organizations

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday: 10:00-5:00PM

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10:00-3:00PM

The following forms of payments are accepted, but we highly encourage the use of cash or check.  This allows us to give more money to charity each month! Cash, Traveler’s Checks, Credit Cards: Visa or Mastercard. Check Information required: Unit Date of Estimated Return from Over Seas (DEROS)Duty/work phone Home phone Current mailing address
There will be a $20 service fee for all returned checks as well as whatever bank charges are incurred through re-cashing the check.

Store Policy:

Shopping at the Gift Corner:
The Kadena Gift Corner limits sales of merchandise to personnel who have recognized privileges under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  Such privileges are limited to:Active duty United States military personnel or reservists on active duty traveling with military orders.Members of the civilian components serving with  or accompanying the U.S. military forces (excluding persons who are ordinarily residents of Japan).Article XIV employees (who must have U.S. identification cards clearly showing their status as XIV SOFA employees). Spouses and dependents of any of the above.Visitors with visitors’ passes or military passes and a passport or valid picture ID must be accompanied by a valid ID card holder to be allowed entry into the Kadena Gift Corner. Guests may not make purchases; only the sponsor may purchase merchandise.
Customer Policies:
NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES: Customers are encouraged to examine their merchandise before purchasing and leaving the store.
DAMAGE TO MERCHANDISE: Customers will be held financially responsible for any loss or damages caused by them or their dependents while in the Kadena Gift Corner.
HOLD POLICY: Customers may place merchandise on hold until the end of the next business day.  For furniture, customers may place on hold for up to one week.
NO BABY STROLLERS: Due to our limited floor space and the delicate nature of our merchandise, baby strollers must remain outside the Main Store.
CHILD SUPERVISION: Adults must supervise their children at all times.  Adults will be held financially responsible for any loss or damages caused by their children.
REMOVAL OF MERCHANDISE AFTER PURCHASE: Any purchases made must be removed from the premises within one week of purchase.  During this time, the Kadena Gift Corner will not be responsible for damage or theft to items remaining on the premises.
NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in the store.  If you have food or drink you do not want to dispose of, we ask that you keep the item outside of the store or at the register.